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DPTC Sensitization Training for Secondary School Teachers in Abuja

Today, we concluded the first batch of the Drug Use, Dependency, Prevention, Treatment and Care (DPTC) sensitization training for secondary school teachers in Abuja where their capacity was enhanced to provide help for students who are drug users in their various school through therapeutic  counseling.

The 2-days (November 21st and 22nd, 2019) sensitization training attended by 45  is a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) project funded by the European Union, Nigeria to increase the understanding of the media in the dissemination of appropriate information on drug use and drug users in order to reduce the stigmatization and discrimination of students who use and misuse drugs for them to access adequate treatment and care.

During the training, participants were introduced to the Drug Situation in Nigeria, Understanding of the Concept of Supply Reduction, Concept of Demand and Harm Reduction, Drugs and Effects, Understanding Drug Dependency, Causes of Drugs use and Associated Stigma, Types of Drug Treatments, Women Drug Users, People Who Inject Drugs, and Young Drug Users, Intervention and Responses to Drug Problems in the Family as well as Human Rights and Drug Users.

Teachers in Abuja capacity was enhanced to provide help for students who are drug users in their various school through therapeutic counseling. 


MHEI Projects

MHEI Partners with the KUKAH Centre

Father Bakindo expressed readiness of the Kukah Centre to partner with The Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative in increasing the awareness of religious leader on drug use and drug users in Nigeria.

Father Bakindo made this known when the members of the organization paid a courtesy visit to the Kukah Centre on September 6th, 2019. He expressed the profound gratitude of the Center on behalf of Father Kukah for the activities of MHEI and contributing to promotion of mental and maternal health, and psychosocial supports for general wellbeing of Nigerians. 

He also affirmed the relentless support of the Centre for the Drug use, Dependency, Prevention, Treatment and Care (DPTC) sensitization project of MHEI with support from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the European Union (EU).

Mr Ameh, Zion, founder of MHEI informed the center that 60 religious leaders consisting of Imams and Pastors will be part of the DPTC project beneficiaries while seeking for the support of the religious leaders being a key stakeholder on the sensitization project. He added that the project aims to increase public awareness among religious leaders, within Bwari Area Council and Abuja Metropolitan Area Council and also increase religious bodies collaboration and participation to create an enabling environment on response to DPTC.

To this end, Father Bakindo promised that the Kukah Centre will make available for the organization the venue for the sensitization training as well as contacts of some religious leaders they have in archive for further communication, arrangements and mobilization.

He advised that selection of religious leaders that will participate in the sensitization training should be based on the value and effectiveness of each religious leaders. He also recommended that the organization to have a filtered and unified message in order to accommodate the differences between the religious believes.

MHEI Projects News

Federal Ministry of Health Partners MHEI on Mental and Maternal Health

The Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health, Mr. Abdulaziz Mashi Abdullahi, has expressed the readiness of the Ministry to partner with the Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative (MHEI) in curbing the menace of mental disorder arising from drug abuse in Nigeria.

The Permanent Secretary made this known during our courtesy visit to his office to establish a coherent relationship with the Ministry in carrying out mental health and drug use related projects in Nigeria in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and European Union Commission (EUC).

While introducing the Mandate Health Empowerment Initiative, Mr. Zion Ameh, Founder, reiterated the need for the Federal Ministry of Health to promptly consider the holistic integration of mental health into Nigeria’s healthcare system. 

Mr. Zion also recapped to the Perm Sec, the urgent need of using his good office to drive the campaign of health financing for mental health in Nigeria in order to tackle the issue of out of pocket financing as it also relates to non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and promote the advocacy for the integration of mental health funding into the global fund starting at the world leaders forthcoming 6th Replenishment Conference to commemorate October 10 World Mental Health Day 2019.


While expressing his pleasure about the activities of MHEI, Mr. Abdullahi assured the team that he had instructed the Director of Food and Drugs Department and other Directors to include mental health into the activities of the Federal Ministry of Health.

With deep appraisal for timely and important advocacy visit, the Perm Sec promised to facilitate the process of factoring mental health funding into the 2020 budget of the Federal Ministry of Health.